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    The duality of money has been puzzling people since its first appearante. On the one hand, clean money can sweeten your life, help you succeed and be your lifelong faithful companion. On the other hand, dirty money may posion your mind, ruin your happiness and discard you suddenly as a false friend.

    The market economy tells us that everyone should earn a living by selling something. Professors sell their knowledge, workers sell their labor, farmers sell their produce. Money now appears more powerful than anything else and drives people crazy. The temptation of money often challenges one's honor. We are not ashamed to make more money to have a better life by our sweat. However,there is a widespread concern that millionaires become the heroes no matter whether they make any contribution to our society. Some people try desperately to make big money, which, more often than not, end up with degradation, corruption and crime.

    Though money is indispensable to our life, dirty money may drag us into hell. There are many things no money can buy. We will keep our honor intact at any cost because it is our soul. Love of money is the root of all evil. For myself, I would rather die than dishonor myself for money.


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