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  • 我最喜欢的节日英语作文两篇



    My Favorite Holiday


    My favorite holiday is New Year. It is a very important festival in Chinese culture. In fact, it's the highlight of the year. Everyone returns home for a family reunion. We have a big feast and chat about all the things that have happened in our lives. People also visit each other. We exchange gifts and good wishes for the next year.


    New Year is especially fun for kids. That's because we get

    presents and treats, including red envelopes filled with money. But we never forget that this holiday is a time to give thanks. We feel grateful for our family and the things that we have. Finally, we think about the future and the great year ahead. 对孩子来说感恩老师作文,新年是一个特别快乐(的日子)。因为我们可以得到礼物和乐趣,这其中就包括红包。但我们从未忘记新年是一个给予(他人)感恩的日子。我们对家人以及拥有的事物感恩。最后小学作文,我们考虑未来和美好的新一年。



    Happy Holiday

    May Day is coming. I'm so happy because my father and my mother take me to Wu Quan Park this holiday.

    In the park, I see many trees and beautiful flowers. There are many children and many happy playing games, too.

    My parents take me to the zoo. There are lions, tigers, eagles, bears, deer, monkeys, and so on. I like the monkeys best because they are very clever and they make us laugh. How lovely they are!

    I have a good time that day. What a beautiful and happy holiday.

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